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Re: My Pack of critters


Post by Rat »


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Re: My Pack of critters


Post by Whiskerfish »

Bad day with the pack today. My Female Joy has been fighting seizures for a month or so now. She is on Meds and we bumped them up over the weekend due to another cluster. No problems for 24+ hours so I thought she was out of the woods. I was out walking Bubba this morning and when I got home Chief met me down stairs but Joy did not. When she did come down she was a bloody mess. Apparently in the 20 minutes between the time the Wife left for work and I got back she had a seizure and it triggered something in Chief and he attacked her. He chewed her up bad. I got her to the Vet and she was immediately taken into Surgery. She is back home now but has a long recovery ahead of her.

I should have foreseen this and kept them separated until I was sure of the seizures being under control. They have been together 9 months now and he would never have attacked her without there being a reason.

Love my Dogs but man they can be stressful at times.
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Re: My Pack of critters


Post by CYBORG »

Always sad to hear about animals in distress. Hope she recovers with out side effects.
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Re: My Pack of critters


Post by 77Gowing »

CYBORG wrote: Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:30 pm Always sad to hear about animals in distress. Hope she recovers with out side effects.
I can relate to both of you fellows concerns. I am always ablivious to what is right in front of me as a self centered person. Like Furgus our Irish Water Spaniel, slightly limping. My darlin wife noticed this right away. We are observing him closely as he does not do it much & is intermittent. Thursday, I'm taking him into the vet and get his left rear leg looked at. So, as they say in church, please hold my dog's leg up in prayer, and I'll hold your dogs siezure problem up in prayer & good thoughts.
And, dare I say it..
. good thoughts for you and your stress levels Steve. You meant well enough, Boss.
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