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The Resurrection of the Americo J. Policarpo; a '76 GL1000

A forum for stories, pics and updates of your resto's. Be it a barn find, Grampas hand me down or a bike being brought back to it's former glory.If you are restoring it, show us your stuff!

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Re: The Resurrection of the Americo J. Policarpo; a '76 GL1000


Post by rcmatt007 »

Randakk's site has a good breakdown of which engines and carbs. For the 1000's EVERY year is different
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Re: The Resurrection of the Americo J. Policarpo; a '76 GL1000


Post by Adam900 »

Alight, some progress. I have three engines, the Policarpo’s original motor, another ‘76, and a ‘78. I thought the ‘78 was seized, but once I got a wrench on the crank it spun freely. So I decided I would swap the heads (or at least the cams) from the original engine onto the ‘78 case and move it over to the Policarpo.
After pulling the heads, I found the issue. #4 piston rusted in place.
The other side wasn’t as bad.
And the head:
They cleaned up surprisingly well.
A couple of smacks with a wooden block against the piston and things freed right up. Like, really smoothly. So now I’m wondering. This engine has the least mileage of the three, and it would be nice to keep the original engine.
I cleaned up the inside of the bad cylinder and while it’s still stained, it feels smooth enough.
Do I clean and lap the valves and slap the heads back on? Or is this cylinder too far gone?
I don’t want to split the cases on this engine, especially since I have other options.
Oh, and there was this strange pink fuzzy slime in the water jackets. Is this a normal thing to find in a water cooled engine that’s been sitting for 30+ years??
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Re: The Resurrection of the Americo J. Policarpo; a '76 GL1000


Post by codyjames707 »

Just bit cleaner! Haha. This should be a fun build!
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Re: The Resurrection of the Americo J. Policarpo; a '76 GL1000


Post by 5speed »

I'b be concerned about denonition from hot spots on top of that #4 looks really ugly..
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