Stainless Steel Carb Clamps

cross over parts from other wings, hondas, or any other parts sources that can be used on our wings.

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Stainless Steel Carb Clamps

Post #1 by Sidecar Bob » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:50 pm

I just bought new carb clamps for both of my bikes. It is easy to find stainless band clamps that are long enough but the ones I could find locally are all 1/2" wide where the originals are 8 or 9 mm wide and have to fit in grooves in the rubber that are about 10mm wide. Honda specifies different sizes for the CX's inlet & outlet and for the GoldWing but they are all between 55 and 59mm (can't remember which is which off hand, which is why I mentioned the CX).

Someone on found Norma Torro (also known as Awab Torro) clamps that are 9mm wide.

You want part #NT09060-W4 (40-60mm). They should be less than $2 each. I found them at this site but if you aren't in Canada you should probably look for them at a marine supplier closer to home.

I have installed them on the 650 and they look way better than the originals.
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Re: Stainless Steel Carb Clamps

Post #2 by salukispeed » Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:56 pm

Here in the states they can be bought from McMaster Carr and some come in 5/16 wide so about 8mm. I use them on most of my bikes for the same reason Sometimes referred to as worm drive tube clamps. about $12 for a box of ten. in the sizes we use. You can tighten them too tight if not careful. a bit of a snug once warm usually seals them
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