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NGW Board Rules and FAQ


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GoldWing Talk message board rules and FAQ

* This board is porn-free, and any such material or links to it will be removed. I am not a prude but this is a family site and nudity is not allowed.

* Bad language and abusive messages will not be tolerated, and repeated offenses will mean a ban on membership for the offending user.

* Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please respect points of view which differ from your own.

* If you want to discuss Politics then go to a political Board. This Board is for Motorcycles.

Spam will not be tolerated period. The definition of Spam is reserved for the Moderators and I to determine. If it looks like spam tastes like spam and stinks like spam expect it to be deleted and if repeated your membership will be in jeopardy.

In the past a few posts have crossed the line of good taste/ mutual respect. That is not be tolerated. If a post is deemed offensive IRT Race, Religion, Politics, Adult Content, or any other controversial subject matter it will either be locked or edited/deleted. If a thread starts off with good intentions and deteriorates it will also be locked or edited/deleted as appropriate. We will err on the side of being overly conservative.

This is a worldwide family oriented site that has membership in a multitude of Countries that have different political systems and religious beliefs. While the majority of us are adults it will remain safe for younger members to view. 99.9% of posts here make me proud to be a member of this group. It is that .01% that can ruin it for all.

What is offensive? Well if you have to think whether a post is offensive or not before you make it then it probably does not belong here. If you think your Mother would find it offensive then it does not belong here. I am all for humor and having a good time but not at the expense of offending any of our other members. Please respect each other above all else.

Use common sense and be courteous. Treat each other with respect and dignity and everyone will get along just fine. In other words, let's all play nice!

Please notice a common theme here about mutual respect ;)

Please read our FAQ
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